QSupport is offering massive amounts for referrals of customers that sign up for our Backup as a Service using Veeam with cloud connect.



We will pay you ZAR 1,000 per TB that the customer signs up for, in steps of ZAR 500, i.e. ZAR 500 for 0.5Tb, ZAR 1,000 for 1 TB and so on, irrespective of which package the customer takes and with no top limit.

This offer does not apply if the customer signs up for our Free Trial, and then decides not to continue using us. If the customer starts of with a Free Trial, but then converts to a paying package, you will still receive your referral fee. The money will be paid to you the minute the customer pays their first invoice.

To be eligible for this offer, you can do one of two things:

  1. Contact us and give us the details of the customer that might be interested in using our service. We’ll speak to them, and if they do decide to sign up, we’ll pay you the referral fee. As a decision to use our service can sometimes take a long time to make, we’ll keep you updated on progress. It does not matter how long after you gave us the lead they sign up, or which package they choose (monthly, yearly, or 3 years), you’ll still get paid the moment they pay the first invoice.
  2. Tell the customer about our service. With our self service portal, it’s easy for them to start a Free Trial or open an account. We’ll be notified by the system when this happens and we will liaise with the customer from there. If you choose this option, let us know when you tell the customer about our service so that we know to pay you the referral fee.

There is NO top limit to the amount we’ll pay you. If the customer has 10TB of data that they need to back up, you’ll receive ZAR 10,000!

If you work for a IT company and would like to offer your customers using Veeam the option to back up their data to the cloud, check out our Reseller program. Not only will you receive the referral fee for every customer that uses our service, but your company will also receive a monthly commission for as long as they keep on using us.

Note: Referral fees are paid directly to the person that made the referral, while monthly commissions are paid to the company.