QSupport Cloud Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect Pricing starts from as little as R 1.81 per GB. It then drops down to as low as R 1.02 per GB depending on the plan you select. We are therefore pretty sure you won’t find a better deal in South Africa. Please note that all pricing excludes VAT.

QSupport Cloud Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect Pricing

TierMonthly1 Year3 Years
0 to 10 TBR 1.81R 1.45R 1.27
11 to 25 TBR 1.68R 1.35R 1.18
26 to 50 TBR 1.57R 1.25R 1.10
> 50 TBR 1.46R 1.16R 1.02


The pricing shown in the table includes Veeam Cloud Connect licenses on the cloud for two VMs or Endpoints per 0.5TB. Should you however require more Veeam Cloud Connect licenses, these can be provided at R 110 per license per month.

Calculating your monthly Cost

Let’s assume you need 12 TB per month, and that you want a monthly contract. As per the table on the left, this falls in Tier 2 and the cost per GB is therefore R 1,68. As 1 TB = 1024 GB, 12 TB = 12 X 1024 = 12 288 GB. Multiplying this number by R 1,68 gives you a total monthly cost of R 20643,84.

Data Packages

QSupport Cloud Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect Pricing starts at 0.5 TB (500 GB) and increment in steps of 0.5 TB.

How much space will I need?

The data size you’ll need will be a function of the size of your VM and your retention period requirements. Let’s say you have a 500GB VM. A standard job in Veeam sets the retention period to 2 weeks, and makes a full backup every week. You will therefore need 1 TB of data for the 2 full copies of your VM, plus approximately another 500 GB for your incremental copies.

The retention period, and how often a full backup has to be created from incremental backups, is however entirely configurable by the customer.