The QSupport Advantage

Never has the need for reliable and secure backup and recovery been more critical for today’s “always on” enterprises. IT directors from all industries recognize the importance of having access to mission-critical files through complete production capabilities at a moment’s notice.

QSupport provides IT executives and network managers peace-of-mind with our secure and robust solutions for complete network protection and availability. By leveraging QSupport ‘s expertise in hosted infrastructure, organizations consistently reduce their maintenance and management costs year over year, while improving network capabilities, cost efficiencies, and enterprise level protection.

QSupport Cloud Backup Using Veeam Cloud Connect

Partner with QSupport, experts in cloud backup and recovery, to leverage Veeam Cloud Connect. Veeam Cloud Connect is the latest in integrated offsite backup using the Veeam Backup and Replication Suite. Choose from one of our secure facilities with enterprise level redundancy and provision secure backups in a matter of minutes. Coupled with robust recovery options including Private and Enterprise Cloud, QSupport is a comprehensive solution for your backup and recovery initiatives.

Simple & Powerful Veeam Cloud Connect Repositories

QSupport provides a simple yet powerful Veeam Cloud Connect experience. Delivered on load balanced and highly available infrastructure while backed by the intelligent, powerful and infinitely scalable CEPH storage platform, QSupport ‘s Veeam Cloud Connect repositories are as reliable as they are innovative. Intelligent storage is the key to intelligent data protection and we invite you to come experience the difference.

QSupport Portal for Veeam Cloud Connect

  • Self-service and auto provisioning
  • Fully integrated on-line dashboard
  • 5 minutes to setup and send data
  • Reseller friendly; contact us for details

Recovery, Guaranteed

  • Complete N+1infrastructure redundancy
  • Hands-on or hands-off testing with either managed or self-activated options

Recovery Options

  • QSupport addresses even the most demanding RTOs and RPOs while providing flexible recovery options to meet the needs of nearly any organization. Our globally located data centers deliver geographic diversity and address both latency and processing concerns with regionally distributed facilities.
  • QSupport Private Cloud Services provide dedicated Infrastructure and best-in-class security options including intrusion detection and stateful packet Inspection.
  • QSupport ‘s BaaS Services combine the flexibility of VMware with the protection of top-tier data centers throughout South Africa.
  • QSupport ‘s Enterprise Cloud is built to meet the dynamic needs of business with enterprise redundancies, security and near limitless power.